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      Dear colleagues and Friends,

      On behalf of Hong Kong Nutrition Association, we are delighted to invite you to participate in the 7th Asian Congress of Dietetics (ACD) which will be held in Hong Kong on 6 - 8 July 2018.

      Under the theme “The Rise of Nutrition and Dietetics in Asia, the programmes echo the growth of the roles of dietitians among Asian countries. The scientific programmes encompass different areas of nutrition and dietetic such as nutrition policy, paediatric, geriatric, nutrition support, sports nutrition, nutrition entrepreneurs and nutrition communication. We are very honoured to have prestige local and overseas experts to share the most updated information on nutrition and introduce us the cutting-edge science on different areas.

      ACD holds every 4 years and it give all participants the opportunity to enjoy plenty of scientific seminars and to meet experts from different countries as well as to participate in scientific excursion and social events.

      Hong Kong is named as “Asia’s World City”. We believe that all participants will be fascinated by a wide variety of food, cuisine, traditional culture, arts and entertainment. Hong Kong is also being named as “Shopper’s Paradise”. We ensure you will have an unforgettable experience here.

      We look forward to welcoming you to Hong Kong in July 2018. Please pencil down your diary for this exceptional conference.

      Gordon Cheung & Frankie Siu



      Proposed topics


      1. Institutional Catering


      1. Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiometabolic

      2. Renal Nutrition

      3. Pediatric Nutrition

        1. Allergy prevention and Management

        2. Preterm nutrition

        3. First 1000days / DOHaD

        4. Glycemic index

        5. Microbiota

        6. GI Disease (IBD/IBS)

      4. Nutrition Support for Oncology

      5. Nutrition Support for Suregry and ICU

      6. Geriatrics

        1. Frailty (Osteoporosis, Cognitive Impairment, Sacropenia)

      Community / Public health

      1. Maternal Nutrition (Pregnancy/lactation)

      2. School Nutrition Education

      3. Sport Nutrition

      4. IT-based Nutrition Education

      Nutritional Science

      1. Nutrigenomics / Personalized or Precision Nutrition

      2. Glutamine and flavour enhancement


      Call for Abstracts

      Authors who wish to present in the ACD are cordially invited to submit abstracts on appropriate topics related. All submitted text will be reviewed by the scientific committee and may be accepted for oral or poster presentation.

      Deadline of abstract submission: 31 January 2018
      Notification of acceptance of abstract: 28 February 2018


      An abstract should be no more than either 300 words in English or 200 words in Chinese, not including topic, author(s), position, organization and address. Do not include any figure or table

      Abstracts MUST contain the following:

      • Introduction: State the rationale or hypothesis of the study.

      • Methods: Briefly discuss the design of the study / program and how it was conducted.

      • Results: Present the main results with appropriate statistics / data analysis of the study

      • Conclusion, discussion and / or practical application - Main conclusions, limitations of the study, and its possible practical use will need to be specified

      • Conflict of interests: Authors must highlight any financial, or other, relationships established with any organisation, institution or company that could create a conflict of interests related to the work presented. If authors consider there is no conflict of interests they will confirm this by noting in the application: "The authors of this document confirm there is no conflict of interests".

      Do not include any reference and credits in the abstract
      Please select the presentation type you prefer
      Choose a Category (see Topics) which is most suitable for your presentation 

      • Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Science

      • Clinical Dietetics and Medical Nutrition Therapy

      • Community Nutrition and Public Health

      • Catering

      • Professionalism and Training of Dietetics



      For inquiries on sponsorship & exhibition
      Ms Cordelia WU
      : +852 2821 3515

      For inquiries on registration
      Ms Sla MAK
      : +852 2821 3517

      For inquiries on poster submission and presentation
      Ms Vienna LAM
      : +852 2821 3512







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